You're the moon scientist to visit here. Feeling lucky?? Good.

"Please Save My Earth" is a wonderful anime about seven scientists who are sent to Earth's moon to observe the blue planet. Due to a terrible virus caused by a plant they all die and are reincarnated into humans. The story mostly describes their awakening and dealing with their past.

Episode List

There are only 6 episodes of this particular anime. They should have done it in seven or eight, because you feel kind of rushed at the ending. But, here they are as follows.

Later on, we hope to do summaries and such. We've got Pictures now, and one sound file. Hey, we're getting somewheres!!

PSME Pictures

Thanks to The Anime Turnpike and No-Name Anime for these pix. Then of course, we'll have to get all sorts of nice little things up, like fanfics, sounds, and other crud.
We have a fanfic started. This fanfic is written by Shosuren, Mokulen, and TG. Click here to see our fanfic.

We have one sound file. It's like, 2 MB in wav format. Forgive us!!

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