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people have nefariously traveled here to find out about the slaving editors of the Nefarious Gateway. Oh worthy ones! We praise thee!!

About TimeGuardian (TG) ^_^

TimeGuardian is a nefarious individual. She is named after her favorite Sailor Scout, Sailor Pluto, who is the Guardian of Time. She is 14 years old, with short brown hair and blue eyes. She's very tall. (For you picky ones, I'm 5'8) Hopefully soon we will be able to get up some pictures of us. Anyone got a scanner they aren't using?? ^_^ She frequently uses the symbol ^_^ But anyways, TG likes to run, play soccer, wear adidas clothes, play baseball, hide in her basement and work on her computer, and make up extremely insane webcounter sayings.

All for now!

Lots o' luck,


PS-We take all major credit cards, cash, and checks! ^_^

About Akari!

Akari (aka Usagi) is the more sane one of the Nefarious Gateway owners (although it is very hard to tell). She is 14 (older than TG :-p),<---By a few months!! with short brown hair, and blue eyes (Darien: why does that sound so...familiar?). She likes to surf the web, play the flute (as if), and talk on the phone (which she constantly does). Some of her favorite animes include: Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2 (which is where she got Akari), Oh! My Goddess, Please Save My Earth, Marmalade Boy, and many, many others.

Well, that's pretty much it.

Bye! and remember don't frost my cookies seekers of the almighty CheezWiz! (hehe JK)

Until we get real pictures, these will have to do.

Akari & TG!

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