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Nefarious Gateway Updates

3/9/98-- WHEW! TG did some MAJORIOUS Updating! BUT, not as much as AKARI!! (Mr. try-and-take-all-the-credit-for-my-work!)


October (Yikes!) 25, 1997- Front page edited...a lot of pages updated, work started on the division of front page labor

9/9/97- A lot of stuff put up on the front page

September 6, 1997-- I did a bit of work on the page today, including putting up a bit of a memorial on the page for Princess Diana, and that will stay there a while, to honor her. I also officially started the Who is Blindman? contest, so you can start sending in things for that.

August 31, 1997- It's been a long time since I've put any updates here goes.

Updated: SSMS exam Meet the Creators page Bandland

New: Blindman--The Invisible Editor New page graphics

July 6, 1997- It's been a long time since the page has been updated, but anyways. I (TG) put up an Oasis page, updated the PSME, and have started layout work on a They Might Be Giants Page.

June 10, 1997- A lot of stuff done, including a few days before, but hey, I can't always remember to update things, Akari! So stop sending me things that say, "TG, update your updates you crazy loon!" and stuff like that. But anyways, I (TG) added a PSME ring link, a Sailor Moon Ring link, and the SSMS link and worked on those pages some.

June 3, 1997- Next to last day of school!! Yay!! Well, anyways. Fafic section, PSME, TG's page, and other stuff modified.

May 26, 1997- All Quizzes graded!!! Akari's anime pad link put up.

May 11, 1997- Collection page, spoof page, and quotable quotes pages added...Worked on most of the other pages...

May 10, 1997-(Much later) Tables added to CD page (which was completely redone) bios page, and such. We hope to get at least one game up and running by the middle of next week, along with a "You send it in" section, A spoof section, a collection section, a survery to see what you guys want to see on the page, and finally, a fanfic section. Whew! ^_^

May 8-10, 1997- Work has been started on two new sections. One is an interactive game section involving Sailor Moon, the other is Sailor Moon Musings...

May 8, 1997- Bunch of stuff done. Bandland entrance modified...

May 6, 1997- Added "Correct" quiz link, edited most of the pages, added BandLand Stories link. Main page, Mercury hate page, & bios page totally redone.

May 5, 1997- Happy Birthday, TG!!

April 23, 1997- Page updated, added Bios page.

April 22, 1997- (later) Page edited

April 22, 1997- Page created.

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