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TimeGuardian's Sailor Mercury Hate Page

Okay everyone. Admit it. You DESPISE Sailor Mercury. The nerdy intellectual who mocks us with her intelligence. Sometimes you want to put your arms through the TV set and strangle her. Well, good news, my friend. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! Many of us cannot stand her at all either. I mean, HOW NERDY CAN YOU GET!?!??! I can't believe that some sappy people actually think that this sailor scout is the coolest!! I just don't understand.

I protest Mercury being on the show. That sounds stupid, but think about it. She adds nothing to the plot! She's a stupid freak! (If any Mercury fans e-mail me saying I'm jealous, I'll hurt them! I'm smart enough for me, I don't have hair that looks like i's been glued to my head sometimes, my hair isn't blue, I don't carry around a stupid calculator that does nothing except figure out what everyone else can plainly see for themselves, so do I have reason to be jealous? I certainly am not jealous of her beauty!!) I know that Mercury has to be on there, they had to put at least one person on their to be a good, solid, what-everyone-should-be-like role model. But just listen to Ami's Amercian dubbed voice. Do the words, "Stupid wannabe a female Doogie Howser" come to mind?? Yes. Listen, If you'er a Mercury fan, and you're still here, keep in mind that this page has mine and a few others opinions about Sailor Mercury. I'm not forcing you to read this, so if you want to send me a bunch of hate mail, just remember that.

Amy dying in Day of Destiny. (posted by Akari *and laughed evily when doing it too!*)

Haters of Sailor Mercury have ventured here.

E-mail from people who know what they're talking about!

These are excerpts from e-mail I got:

FINALLY! SOMEONE AGREES WITH ME!!! Mercury is sooooo tight, I can't stand her. The only cool thing about her is her blue hair, which might I add looks like crud anyways cos she's got that crappy hairdo. She's ruining one of my favorite colors, too!... ...She's gotta go down!

Mara K. :)

Nefarious Comments about TimeGuardian's Sailor Mercury Hate Page

"Awesome! I love it!! Could use a few more images, though." Emma

"I've got to see this!" Blindman, after hearing about it.

"Allright!" Akari, after hearing about it.

"Death to mercury!" My very own self, after putting it up.