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Sailor Moon Soundtrack

The Sailor Moon Soundtrack CD is the soundtrack to the English dubbed series. It's official name is "SAILOR MOON (Songs from the hit TV series)" Is it good? I sure think so! It's got some songs that are ok, but most of them are cool. (Especially "A New Day" ^_^)

Here's the track listing.

Track numberTitle and time
1 Sailor Moon Theme (1:35)
2 I Wanna Be A Star! (3:24)
3 My Only Love (3:09)
4 Call My Name(And I'll Be There) (2:57)
5 Oh Starry Night (3:17)
6 It's A New Day (2:49)
7 Carry On (2:11)
8 Rainy Day Man (3:08)
9 Only A Memory Away (3:12)
10 She's Got The Power (2:57)
11 Sailor Moon Theme (reprise) (0:31)

Stores that sell or have sold the CD
Media PlayLook in the Kid's section
BestBuydidn't look here
Blockbuster MusicNo dice...
K-MartDidn't look
Tower RecordsDidn't look
CD Warehousedidn't look


-The complete title of the CD is... SAILOR MOON : Songs from the hit TV series.

-The CD is manufactured and marketed by KID RHINO, a divsion of RHINO RECORDS Inc.. Unless you live in Canada, there the CD is handled by EMI MUSIC CANADA.

-It can come in two different forms of packaging. One form is in something called a 'blisterpack'. This is a long piece of molded plastic, about the size of 2-1/2 CDs, surrounding the CD case and an included foldout lyric and picture sheet. The other is just the normal CD case, like most music CD's come in.

-The item number for the blisterpack CD is 8122-72266-2 (also known as R2 72266). The item number for just the normal CD is 8122-72267-2 (also known as R2 72267). In Canada, I believe the item number for the blisterpack CD(by emi music Canada) is 7243 8 54371 2 0.

-If it's not in the soundtrack section at the stores you check, look in the KIDS SECTION. That's where I found mine.

-The price can vary, but it is generally 13 U.S. dollars or so.

Tip: If they don't have it, ask them to special order it for you. They should be happy to do so.

Soundtrack Samples (WAV format)

Sailor Moon Theme:
I Wanna Be A Star:
My Only Love:
Just Call My Name(And I'll Be There):
Oh Starry Night:
A New Day:
Carry On:
Rainy Day Man:
Only A Memory Away:
She's Got The Power:
Sailor Moon Theme (reprise):

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