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Welcome to BandLand!! You are the nefarious person to read the stories and heritage of BandLand. Enjoy! ^_^
Note from the Editors: This page is constantly being rewritten. We
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Night on Chile's Mountain

Or, the Bandland Horror Story

It was that time of year for football games again, and Shiloh had just
won a home game against Duluth High School, 30-6. (Duluth's record
was now 0-6) The cool suave Akari and TG (Who will now be
referred to as Jill and Jenny because those are their not so secret
indentities) and their sempais, Jason and Billy, decided to patronize
their local Chile's resteraunt. Unfortunately, due to Billy's lack of
intelligence, they had only Jason's icky truck, so Jill's dad drove
Jenny and Jill to Chile's. Jason and Billy followed a while after,
because of Jason having to get money from his house.

They all met. Jenny was in her uniform bibs, and Jill was in shorts,
marching shoes, black socks, and a band t-shirt. They both looked
like the foxy young band geeks they were. Billy and Jason were
dressed semi normally.

Now, before this, when they were still at the school, Jason had cruelly
flashed Jenny and Jill in the bandroom. This was after Jenny and Jill
asked Trey McKnight, the oh-so-cool drum major what flavor his body
spray was, and where they could get it. After taking a few whiffs,
though, they realized he liked to buy things from Wal-Mart.

And then there was Mr. Jean. Catch a ride on the clue train, guys!

But anyways. They had to wait for awhile at Chile's. Everybody
seemed to go there after the game. So they sat. And waited. And
Jason decided to go to the bathroom. So everybody followed him.
(Except Jill and Jenny went to the girls) And then they all came out
and went back and waited. And so they Waited. Billy thought it would
be funny to try and flirt with Jill. So he did. And Jill was not very happy.
And Jenny and Jason were left in the aftermath.

But then, before things could get too hefty, the waitress escorted
them to a table. And Jenny and Jill began to sit on the same side (It
was a booth) And Billy said,

"No, Jill! You sit with me!" And what could Jill do? She sat with him.
And then everyone picked up a desert menu and began to browse.
Jenny spotted a milkshake.

"Hey! That looks good!!" Jenny said. And everyone else agreed. So
when the waitress came, they all ordered milkshakes. Except Jason,
who ordered a root beer (He just wishes it was real beer) and this big
old fattening desert thing.

So the people made small talk until the waitress decided to come with
the food. And so they began to eat. And the waitress brought a lot of
spoons, just in case they were sharing. So after Jenny finished her
milkshake, she tried to take advantage of Jason's desert. So Jason
had this major insanity attack, and did this little football-ish move,
blocking her. All she got was a little bitty bit of whipped cream and

So they all finished. And got ready to pay. But Billy decided to pay for
Jill's. And so Jill was freaking out. And they paid and left.

And they waited outside for Jenny's dad to come pick them up. And
Jason and Billy stayed with them. Jenny, Billy, and Jill sat down on
one bench outside, but Billy was putting pressure on Jason to sit next
to Jenny. And so Jason sat over on the other bench. And he picked
up a "Car Trader" magazine and began to read. Then after a while he
decided to come over to Jenny, Jill, and Billy's bench. And Jenny
kicked him in the stomach. So Jason decided to fake an elaborate
pain scene. And Jenny believed him. That is, until he began to moan,

"It's turning black! Ow! It hurts!" and so Jill, Jenny, and Billy just sat
there and watched him. And then Jenny's dad came and Jason
hurriedly got up off the parking lot. And that is the end of Night On
Chile's Mountain.

Story #2-- The Night at Burger King

It wasn't just any night. It was the night after the last football game of the season. So Jenny and a few of her friends went to Burger King...while Jill went somewhere. This is what happened at Burger King.
They all walked in. Immediatly, as usual when the band people walked in, the management grew uneasy. And so, the band people got their food and sat down. A lot of people had gotten Kid's they discovered a nifty toy in them. The Creature From The Black Lagoon. So they decided to go out on the playground and play football with it.
A few of the gang stayed inside. Virge had this little miniature Barbie that Lisa had brought from a McDonald's Happy Meal. And he ripped the head off and stuck it on the Barbie's hand.
Meanwhile. They were were still playing football outside. And Jenny decided to take her shoes off and run around in 30 degree weather. So blah blah blah they were running around all over the playgroud playing football...but not just any football, this was RON DOLLAR football. Rules, schmules. You can change teams at any time. So then Alicia began to play with a small plastic toy called The Clapper. This was a very sacred toy for Jenny. Cristina threw it over the fence and into the parking lot. She and Tambryn went through Burger King nd out the door to go get it. They came around the corner just in time to see Jenny leap over the fence and fall the the ground clutching her ankle. Then Tambryn called cheerleaders to diagnose it. Okay. Jenny is clutching her ankle. The cheerleaders ask her where it hurts. Uhhhh....maybe her KNEE or hey! It's her ear! but anyways. Jenny was escorted inside to the handicapped table, Barbie was thrown onto Highway 78 and all that is left of her are the wings (It was fairy barbie or something like comment.) And so that chapter of Ron Dollar football is finished. Jenny lost. TO BE CONTINUED!

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